5 Nude Breast Massage Tips

If you’re lucky enough to wrap your hands around some breasts, then employ theses 5 nude breast massage tips to get to the next base. Massaging a woman’s breast takes skill. A woman’s breast isn’t a pile of dough that requires kneading. Massage a bare breast though is also a personal style and approach. This five tips will give you a clue of how you should be handling that bare breast in need of a massage.

  1. There are two positions for massaging a bare breast. One is standing in front of her and the other is from behind. Think carefully here. Standing in front of her is not really a massage but groping. Especially, if you carry that schoolboy gaze in your horny eyes. Move to the back for a real bare breast massage.
  2. Place the oil or lotion onto your hands and rub them together (optional step). From behind her, reach over her shoulders and gently and slowly move your hands downward. Gently move your hands over the entire breast. Gently massage. Being careful not to lift and drop the breast (especially on older woman).
  3. While you do this, compliment her or gently kiss her on the neck. Gently trace and pinch the nipple as you move over the areola. Pay attention to the sides of her breast as well. Next, move the hands back up and over her shoulders. Move in under her arms and along her sides.
  4. Continue to massage her. From this position, you can move closer to her. Continue the attention on her neck and shoulders. Pull up gently on her bare breast and massage the breasts upward. This technique is a wonderful start and may be the key to her pleasure and your ticket to more bare breast massages.
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