5 Nude Outercourse Tips

If you can’t have sex with your girlfriend for any reason, then you must know the 5 nude outercourse tips. Having sexual intercourse might seem like the one and only way for both of you to get pleasures. However, there are alternatives to replace sexual intercourse without taking the pleasures away. Keep in mind that the two of you will feel totally awesome as long as you follow these 5 nude outercourse tips.   

  1. Consider a different setting. The first nude outercourse tip is to forget the bed and pick another place. How about the bathroom, kitchen, living room, dining room, etc? Let’s say you have picked the bathroom. Both of you can slip and slide each other with shampoo and soap in the shower.  
  2. Make it fun. The second nude outercourse tip is to try something new and interesting. If you like to spice things up, put some whipped cream and chocolate syrup on each other’s body. For example, give her a whipped cream bra and a chocolate syrup necklace. Lick them off slowly and gently.
  3. Prolong the foreplay. The third nude outercourse tip is to spend plenty of time on the foreplay. Since you will have no sexual intercourse, focusing on the foreplay is the best way to go. If both of you plan to kiss and caress each other from the top all the way to the bottom, just take as much time as you want to do so.   
  4. Create scenarios. The fourth nude outercourse tip is to set up role-playing. To make the outercourse exciting, dress up as Cinderella and a Prince, for example. Re-enact the last episode of the movie, and then start taking each other’s clothes off after the last kiss.
  5. Watch a porn movie. The last nude outercourse tip is to get sexually excited together by a porn movie. Both of you can get naked first and then mess with each other continuously before starting the movie. Or, to make the outercourse more adventurous, take off each other’s clothes as the movie progresses.  



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