5 Nude Pinay Celebrities

Begin your day by having a look at these 5 nude Pinay celebrities for your eye candy. Take some pictures with you in your wallet or have some movies for the bomb collection shelf. If you find yourself suddenly tired and sad, visit these ladies and be happy again. These naked girls can be as hot as the morning newspaper. Get yours while they're on the news.

  1. Ara Mina This Pinay beauty is both a celebrity and sexy eye candy. She’s a complete star from every angle you can imagine and has been part of the music industry, too. Not only that, she acts and models. With this background, you can put her immediately in the status of gorgeous veteran. The Philippines might be very proud of this authentic woman. What about her nude participation so far? Well, expect her to be topless for photo shoots. Yes, her boobs are a valid excuse to watch those artistic pictures endlessly.
  2. Patricia Javier The physical embodiment of irresistible sin to blow your mind and everything else on the way. We can spend the entire article just talking about the color and softness of her skin. You could add more pages about her playful Pinay eyes and, to finish, a complete encyclopedia for every single spot on her tasty body. Yes, she deserves all this and nothing less. When she acts, nobody cares less about the other characters. Her nude resume is good. She likes to pose in front of a camera with no inhibitions whatsoever.  
  3. Mocha Uson It's just amazing for us to include this big celebrity. Another talented woman with an acting, singing and blogging career. Look at her–she is sexy, even if she is totally covered with clothes. That is a trait that not only depends on her silhouette, but on her infinite body language. It seems that she is prepared to hunt down all your repressed fantasies. If you see her on the screen, try to control yourself with a pair of handcuffs. Nudity is included whenever she wants to swim in the pool. Topless is definitely her style.
  4. Carmi Martin This Pinay celebrity is charming and simple, that’s why she’s so beautiful. Some people ask if she has found the secret for eternal youth because she looks great every single year, being an actress that's been featured in thousands of movies. If you are curious, check the 2010 movie “Working Girls.” Choosing nudity for her career is not a game to tease the naughty public. She prefers to do it the artistic way in photo shoots. It is a matter of image and good judgement, of course. A decision that we all celebrate.
  5. Paloma Esmeria The best for the last. The Pinay model that redefines the title of sex symbol. She is sexy Pinay spam that no antivirus can remove with success. It doesn’t harm the computer, but puts our chaste restrictions in danger. She’s topless here and topless there, so be careful! By the way, she once did a photoshoot half topless (because one boob was behind her hair) and just covered her other intimate part with a single fish. That's some lucky fish!
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