5 Oil Of Oregano Benefits

Oregano plants contain two main ingredients known as thymol and carvacrol, which are responsible for these 5 oil of oregano benefits. These benefits include immune system boosting, anesthetic and anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antioxidant and antibiotic properties. 

  1. Stimulates the immune system. Studies compared the powerful immune boosting power of oil of oregano to goldenseal and Echinacea, and oil of oregano benefits were found to be most effective in aiding the body's immune system.   
  2. Relieves Pain and Fights Inflammation. Another of oil of oregano benefits is that it may be applied topically to decrease pain from sore and torn muscles, sprains, bruises, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis and cramps. You may apply it directly from the bottle, but if you have sensitive skin, first dilute each drop of oil of oregano with three to five drops of carrier oil or olive oil before applying to the skin. When taken orally, the oil gives relief from inflammatory conditions such as bursitis and arthritis. When you use the oil, be especially careful to avoid sensitive skin areas, mucous membranes and the eyes. 
  3. Eliminates Candida fungus. Antifungal ingredients of oil of oregano, safely and effectively destroys Candida. You may find the oil quite strong, so if you cannot tolerate placing one to three drops under your tongue, then mix with juice and drink three times each day. If you need a stronger dose, take five to eight drops with a meal, once every day, and continue until the Candida is eliminated. While you are still in treatment, do not eat foods containing white flour or sugar, since they encourage Candida growth. Drinking eight to twelve glasses of spring water will help to remove toxins from the body. Athlete's foot and nail fungus can be effectively treated with oil of oregano. 
  4. Protects the cells from free radicals. The antioxidant property of oil of oregano, works to prevent cells from the damage of free radicals to the body's cells. One to three drops can be placed under the tongue and will promote healthy cells and retard the signs of aging.
  5. Kills harmful bacteria. Oil of oregano provides defense against bacterial toxins, and, unlike its alternative patented antibiotics, will not create an antibiotic resistance. The oil can be taken after dining at a restaurant, where food may be contaminated with E. coli and Salmonella food poisoning. You may take three to five drops as a preventative measure, and if you experience symptoms, three drops each hour can be taken for ten hours, or until the symptoms subsides. Oil of oregano may also be used to relieve toothaches caused by bacterial infection, by applying to the infected gums. It can also be used to prevent infection in cases of scrapes, cuts and burns.
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