5 Older Thai Actresses

If you love your international cinema, then you need to know about these 5 older Thai actresses. While having younger hotties is great, there's something to be said about these older Thai actresses. They carry with them a certain grace, knowledge, and sensibility that you simply cannot and will not find in the younger generation. More so than that, these ladies also happen to be smoking hot! If you think you can handle the heat, here are some of the hottest older Thai actresses.

  1. Napakpapha Nakprasitte. Despite her seemingly-unpronounceable name, you should know that she happens to be one of the best older Thai actresses ever. Her first film, "Mae Bia," opened in 2001 and grossed over 52 million Baht. This made it the country's tenth-highest grossing movie of all time. She's subsequently followed that feature up with more entrants into the Thai horror genre, such as "Butterfly Man" and "Art of the Devil 2."
  2. Suvanant Kongying. Known to fans by her nickname of "Kob," she's one of the most popular TV actresses in all of Thailand. She's also appeared in a number of Thai publications, and more lakorns, or Thai television serials, than we can count. Forever beautiful-looking, she's one of the older Thai actresses that has aged gracefully.
  3. Supakson Chaimongkol. This older Thai actress is one of the queens of the summer blockbusters. She's starred in films such as "Art of the Devil" and "Dangerous Flowers," which at best can be described as a Thai version of "Charlie's Angels." With these kinds of credits, you know that she has to be smoking. 
  4. Sinitta Boonyasak. She's one of the older Thai actresses that has garnered quite a following with her diverse movie roles. While her younger sister, Laila, has a younger audience following her every step, this graceful beauty tends to star in more mature films aimed at older audiences. It is this grace and good form that gives her a well-deserved spot on this list. 
  5. Amita Young. Simply known as "Tata Young," she happens to be one of the best older Thai actresses out there, despite the contradictory moniker. Alongside her film credits, she has a booming pop music career, selling out concert halls all over Southeast Asia. She's also the face of a number of brands in Thailand, most notably Coca-Cola, Fuji Film, and Yamaha Motorcycles.
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