5 Online 2 Player Drinking Games

 We all love drinking games and the internet, so the 5 best online 2 player drinking games are matches made in heaven. These drinking games can be played with at least 2 players, but groups are more than welcome to join in.

  1. Jet. Jet is a drinking game that can be played with two players, or a lot more people. It is essentially a number guessing game, although the more numbers someone guesses wrong, the harder it becomes. Negative numbers can be used as well, just to add some more challenge.

  2. Thumbmaster. This is an extremely subtle drinking game found online. The gist of it is to sit around a table, and someone puts their thumb on the table. Whenever someone else sees the thumb, they would put their thumb on the table as well, and the last person to notice would take a drink.

  3. Scene it online. This is a variation of the scene it game, but with websites and well known memes instead. Someone would look up a famous quote or picture online, and the second player(s) would have to name what it is, and those who can't guess it of course, must take a drink.

  4. Online Hold 'Em. Basically, the two players or more will join a poker private room online. The would play Texas Hold 'em as is, and the winner of the pot is the only person who is exempt from taking a drink. This is a pretty quick game and it won't be too long before someone's rip roarin' drunk, so don't make any plans after.

  5. Taboo. A variation of the popular game 'I've never. . .'. However, instead of making up the scenarios yourselves, they would be looked up online. It might be a while before someone actually takes a drink, but when they do, it's guaranteed to be a lot funnier.

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