5 Online Dating Questions To Ask Her

Maybe you're considering online dating and if so, you should learn about 5 online dating questions to ask her so that you get a good idea of what a girl is like before you go any further. These are questions that should give you a little insight on what a person is like and whether or not you may be compatible. Obviously you can't learn everything from just a few questions but it may be helpful. Here is a list of 5 online dating questions to ask her.

  1. "What do you do for a living?" This is a simple question that isn't too intrusive but will give you a good idea of what she does and how much money she makes. This is excellent in learning about financial compatibility because what if you have an issue with her making a lot more money than you? This is a good way to find out and can tell you more about her.
  2. "Do you have children?" This is important because choosing a potential date can sometimes be based on what you think about your future together and kids are a big part of a future. Her answer can determine how you feel because you could not want children or not want more children and that is something to consider if she has them. On the other hand, if you do want children and she automatically tells you that she does not, that may be a good indicator of whether or not you proceed further.
  3. "Have you ever been married?" This can give you a lot of information about any baggage she may have. It doesn't automatically mean that she has baggage but it can help you out on deciding if you want to take a chance.
  4. "What do you like to do?" This may help you seek out any similarities or differences in the two of you. If she likes to hang glide and you'd rather read a book that doesn't mean you can't date and even have an awesome relationship but it can help let you know that you do have distinct differences.
  5. "Religion? Politics?" These are serious questions that aren't necessarily appropriate for a first question but if you really want to date this person and want to know, perhaps you can mention either in a subtle way just in case the answer could be a deal breaker.

All of these 5 online dating questions to ask her are subjective and aren't set in stone but they can give you a few guidelines on what to consider inquiring about in case you're interested in a particular person. Even bad answers don't mean you can't become very close and even thrive in a relationship but they will help you make more knowledgeable decisions.



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