5 Online Drinking Games

In today’s society, online games are very popular, and we have found the top 5 online drinking games. People are finding it entertaining to participate in online drinking games with their online friends and this gives them a way to do so even when they live many miles apart.

  1. Home Run  The object of this online drinking game is to help get the drunk home safely as you struggle to make him walk in a straight direction and not fall over.  You use your mouse to keep his balance and keep him upright.  If you push the mouse to much you may make him unbalanced, so you need to have a steady hand in playing this game.
  2. Frat Boy at Beer Bong  If you’re up for a challenging and addictive game, this is the online drinking game for you. In this game, the intent is to get your ping-pong ball into the frat boy’s cups. The frat boy has to drink your beer if you get a ball in all of his cups.  However, if he gets a ball in all of your cups, you then have to drink your beer. This game has three levels of difficulty and the easy level is not too easy.
  3. The Bartender  You are a bartender in a busy bar. As your customers enter the bar they demand their favorite drinks. As the bartender you have to choose the correct ingredients for the drink, click on the mix button to mix up the drink and then use the throw button to slide the drink down the bar to your customer.
  4. Drunk Klunk  Staying on the bar stool is the aim of this online drinking game. The longer you stay on the bar stool, the higher your score goes. You have three minutes to get the highest score.  When you fall of your stool, one of your “falls left” goes away and your score drops. You have to left click the mouse button to give back on your barstool as fast as you can.  If you are able to make it to the end of three minutes, you will get bonus points added to your final score.
  5. Drunk and Puke  This online drinking game is based on a guy who has lost his job, was dumped by his girlfriend and whose dog was killed by the neighborhood boys.  The object of the game is for this guy to drink his pain away. There are various levels of drinking that will also have you getting drunk. This game requires a mouse, and you must drink along as you play.

One of the nice things about playing online drinking games is that there is no need to drive home, but it's still important to be safe and enjoy your partying responsibly.

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