5 Oral Sex Foreplay Techniques

Learning these 5 oral sex foreplay techniques can improve your sex life. There are few women in the world that can resist the temptation of good oral sex. The stimulation is intense if done properly and highly increases the chances of her returning for more. The few women who do not enjoy the treat are often blocked by teaching of youth. Oral sex is sometimes considered "dirty" or "wrong" by persons of certain staunch religions. It is important to break down these barriers with assurance that the act is normal and natural so she can relax and take in the ecstasy.

  1. The Flicker. One oral sex technique is known as the flicker. The technique involves using just the tip of the tongue on the top of the clitoris. Move the tongue up and down in a soft, fast, but small radius licking movement. The rapid tongue movement creates an intense feeling for the woman. She may initially try to block the action. Do not give up or stop. An orgasm is imminent.
  2. Loop the Loop. This oral sex technique is simplistic but effective. Move the tongue in a circular motion around the edges of the clitoris. This causes a building feeling for the woman who will often grasp the head during this activity in an attempt to move the tongue directly onto the clitoris.
  3. In the Hole. The oral sex technique of darting the tongue in and out of the vagina opening is old, but effective. This light penetration gives the woman the desire to be penetrated by another piece of the male.
  4. The ABC's. The late comedian Sam Kinison offered this oral sex technique to rockstars Tommy Lee and Nikki Sixx. Write the alphabet with your tongue on the clitoris. The various motions assure that each part of the female sex button receive maximum attention.
  5. Suck it. The final oral sex technique involves the lips and the tongue used in combination. Place the lips gently around the clitoris and lightly suck. Stick out just the tip of the tongue to apply pressure to the top of the clitoris.
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