5 Oral Sex Techniques

Use these 5 oral sex techniques, to become 'master of HER domain' and have her begging for more. Going down on a girl is a lot more involved than simply moving your tongue around – that technique is b-o-r-i-n-g!  These 5 oral sex techniques are guaranteed to make her squirm and moan, and make you to that guy she talks to all her girlfriend about.

  1. Huuummmm.  Here is "the" secret to an amazing oral sex technique.  What is the one sex toy that virtually every woman has hidden away?  Her vibrator. When the clitoris is stimulated with vibration, it is intense.  Turn yourself into a human vibrator by humming directly on her clitoris.  Start out by getting the area nice and slippery wet with your tongue, and stimulate the clitoris so that it becomes slightly engorged.  Then, hum softly (using soft lips) right on her clitoris.  She'll begin to moan, which is your sign to hum a little harder.  Then a little harder.  And a little harder…. She'll love your technique.
  2. ABCs.  Different oral sex techniques have varied results, but very rarely does a woman get to experience multiple oral sex techniques at one time.  This one is very simple, yet effective.  With your tongue, trace out the ABCs on her clitoris.  This will get your tongue working in many different directions and speeds at once, making for a very enjoyable experience for her. If you hit a letter that really gets her moaning, repeat it.  Over and over again.
  3. The clit hold.  Some oral sex techniques are better suited for a more experienced lover, and this is one of them.  It may take a little practice, but she is going to love the way it feels.  Spend a little time licking on and around her clitoris so that it becomes engorged.  Then, very gently grab it between your lips and hold it.  Suck it and while you're holding it in your mouth, flick it with your tongue.  As she begins to moan loudly, you can increase your tongue speed and suck it a little harder. Do not let go of her clit until she climaxes.
  4. Tongue roll.  You will only be able to perform this next technique if you have the ability to roll your tongue until either side can touch in the middle.  About 50% of the population can do this, and if you can't, you can't learn how.   If you can do it, you can use it to give her clitoris an intense massage by placing it between both sides and rolling it back and forth in the middle of your tongue.  This is similar to what she would do for you during oral sex.  You'll have to really get her aroused before you can do the tongue roll because her clitoris will need to be engorged for it to work right.
  5. Tongue intercourse.  A very small percentage of women can only orgasm through vaginal penetration.  If your girlfriend is in this percentage, you can use your tongue to penetrate her and make her cum.  Because a woman's vagina is deeper than the average man's tongue, you'll want to focus your attention to the outer area where her nerve endings are most sensitive.  Don't be afraid to stimulate the labia and surrounding area.

These oral sex techniques can be used alone or combined together.  Find out what your partner likes the most and practice those oral sex techniques most frequently.  She certainly won't mind being your guinea pig! 

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