5 Outdoor Wet Bar Design Ideas

These outdoor wet bar design ideas incorporate sun, shade and cooking. An outdoor wet bar is a place for outdoor entertaining and an excellent location for regular dining during the summer season. The outdoors is the perfect place for a wild party without risking ruining the furniture. Party hard and simply hose down the outdoors for the next blowout. 

  1. Bar and cook top. Food and beer are the perfect combination. Outdoor wet bar design ideas that integrate a cook top surface mean you can barbecue, fry or saute to your heart's desires. Figure out your favorite form of cooking and design the bar around the cooking surface. Don't go wild and pick some kind of cooking that you hope to do. You'll end up not using the bar, let alone the cooking surface. Incorporate a top for the surface if you live in a climate with lots of rain or winter snow.
  2. Bar and tropical oasis. You don't need to live in a tropical climate to have a tropical bar oasis. An outdoor wet bar design that integrates a palm cover and wooden bar stools gives the feeling of warm weather, even in cool spring and fall months. Don't forget the tiki torches to add the just the right ambiance. Build several cupboards to store the different kind of glasses you'll need. Don't forget the tiny umbrellas for your more feminine guests. 
  3. Bar and media island. A bar calls out for television. A cool brew tastes best when enjoying a baseball or football game. An outdoor bar with a large HDTV backdrop is a good combination. Integrate the bar with all-weather media. Pick a television set and speakers that are designed for the great outdoors. 
  4. Pool and bar island with bridge. Not the card game bridge. An actual bridge. If you have lots of land, keep anyone but the invited away from your bar by making a large island with your bar in the center. Add a walk bridge and hand rails for walking back to the mainland after partying and you'll have an outdoor bar island retreat. Put up large frames to drape fabric or canvas signs and you'll have a secluded retreat. 
  5. Bar and outdoor sports complex. Beer and sports equal the perfect combination. Figure out the sports you'll feature and do a paper layout. Consider a field that morphs into various sports for each season or pick your favorite sport and go all out year round. Put the bar at one end and mix in some comfortable seating and a music system. Build in a large refrigerator to store different label brews. After a tough time on the field, a choice of beer is best.
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