5 Outercourse Ideas

If you're trying to prevent pregnancy, trying to prevent sexually transmitted diseases, or are just trying to remain a virgin, check out this list of 5 outercourse ideas. Just because you're not getting it on doesn't mean you can't “get it on.” Sometimes, outercourse can be more enjoyable than intercourse.  

  1. Kissing. Now, let it be known, kissing has been an outercourse practice since the dawn of man. However, kissing a woman's erogenous zones can have just as much of an effect on her as if you were kissing her “special area.” Kissing is an art, meant to stimulate the genitals. If you find yourself in a position where you are only having outercourse, use your lips to send a message, "I want you." Kiss her lips, her neck, her collarbones (if available,) as well as the back of her neck. Kiss her fingers, kiss her forearms, and use your tongue liberally. Remember, outercoure is about bringing her pleasure without sticking it in her.
  2. Dry Hump. Just because you aren't inside her doesn't mean you can't pretend. It helps if you're both wearing clothing that is conducive to dry sex, but regardless, the action of getting it on will help to stimulate both of you. Act as if you were engaged in the real act of sex, but remember that you aren't. This will help you both to last longer, as well as build passion.
  3. Rub. Hands are wonderful features, so take full advantage of them. Just because you aren't getting your fingers into the true skin-on-genital zone doesn't mean you can't have fun. Use your hands to touch each other. And don't just focus on the genital areas. Use your digits to stimulate each other until you're both ready to burst, then keep going. This will only lead to greater satisfaction when orgasm is achieved. Dudes, watch out for blue balls.
  4. Massage. If rubbing with hands doesn't work, massage each other. Still using your hands, erotic massage can take over where genital stimulation fails. Have your partner lie back while you slowly work your hands into their muscles. If your partner has had a long, stressful day, massaging them can make all of that stress disappear. If you're both feeling bold, work your way down to her genitals, and while massaging them behind cloth, you'll both begin to recognize the intimacy that can be gained by outercourse.
  5. Mental masturbation. Essentially, mental masturbation means talking dirty. If you're truly in tune with your girl, you can know ahead of time what she's into. With this knowledge, you can use it to sexually excite her, or even bring her to orgasm. Cybersex, phone sex, and talking dirty can all lead to amazing sexual experiences if you know the right words to say.
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