5 Outercourse Positions

Here are 5 Outercourse positions that are sexy, sensual and available for you and your lover to enjoy in bliss. Overall, you can enjoy outercourse in a large array of positions that you would during regular sexual intercourse. The difference here, however, is that instead of penetrating (or being penetrated by) your partner, you will instead rub your genitals and frisky parts against each other until you climax or move on to other things. Thus said, not every position is great for outercourse, so here are five outercourse positions we know you'll get off to. 

  1. Woman on Top. Having your woman ride you is one of the sexiest, loveliest ways to enjoy an old-fashioned dry hump. This position allows you to lay back and enjoy the view of her full breasts and sensuous lip biting. She can bring herself to orgasm while you smack her butt or caress her nipples. 
  2. You on Top. If you prefer to be in control, good old missionary is always a good and reliable outercourse position. Outercourse in this position can be navigable by leaning forward and moving sensuously against her body. Bite her ears as you tell her how hard you are and how much you'd like to penetrate her and nibble her neck as you growl into it. 
  3. Starfish style. You both lay, with one on top of the other and writhe sensuously. This isn't the most active and exciting position but if you're into Tantric sex, this form of outercourse will be highly tempting and utterly familiar. Writhing erotically, especially covered in oil, is a surefire way to enjoy one another, especially on a lazy Sunday with the fan blowing or the heat at a nice temperature. 
  4. Hot Bun. Yes, you can enjoy outercourse in the doggy style position. It may be tough enjoying this outercourse position due to the sexual tension you'll feel about not being able to actually stick it in, but at the end of the day, there are ways to get around it. Have her lay on her stomach and squeeze some oil or lube between her cheeks.
  5. Breast McLovin'. Lube those juicy breasts of hers up and start slipping and sliding in between them. If she's cool, she won't trip; we know plenty of women who enjoy this outercourse position as well. 
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