5 Outside Graduation Party Decorating Ideas

If you are planning a graduation party, consider these 5 outside graduation party decorating ideas. Outside parties are great. They provide party goers more space to mingle. They are easier to clean up afterwards, and they can give you more ideas for decorating.

  1. Place pictures of the graduate around the party area.  You can start in one corner and work your way around the graduation party area in pictures. Begin by placing a picture of the graduate in kindergarten and work your way up to her senior picture. This will give the graduate and the guests a chance to reminisce about how much she has grown.
  2. Place the number of the graduation year throughout the party. This number may be a symbol for him throughout the rest of his life.
  3. Consider decorating in the color of the college the graduate will soon be attending. You can do this by using the school’s colors in streamers, plates, cups, etc. You could also do this with the school colors of the school she just graduated from. It will add a lot of color to the outside graduation party.
  4. Gather up past school uniforms that the graduate wore.  The more uniforms you have from years past the better. Make sure they are washed and cleaned. Before the party begins pin these on a clothesline for all to see at your outside graduation party.  If you don’t have any past uniforms, you could prepare a table in the corner of the party area and place pictures of the graduate throughout the years posing in his school uniforms.
  5. Purchase many balloons in different sizes. Make sure these are of the colors of the school she graduated from or from the college she will be attending. Place these throughout the outside graduation party. The smaller ones can be grouped together as table centerpieces. The larger ones can be tied together and placed in corners, and some can be hung outside to help draw people to your house. This can be done by hanging some on the mailbox and street corner.
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