5 Overrated Movies

We all know at least 5 overrated movies. There are a lot of overrated films out there, and these are some of the most overrated movies. Many films get way too much hype and because of this their credibility and status of becoming a good film just filters down to so much crap that no one wants to hear about them anymore. These films are looked at so highly by most people who's opinion on film probably isn't worth two cents and makes you just roll your eyes.

  1. "The Boondock Saints" This film has no plausible reason to consider it such a great film as people make it up to be. Yeah, it's sort of entertaining and it has interesting ideas, but it's definitely overrated and not that great. Some people go as far as relating this film to being as good as "Scarface" or "The Godfather"; that is a laughable statement. There isn't much plot in this film other than some weird cop who wants to find these two Irish guys installing justice on the world. Cool gun slinging sequences, some half-witted dialogue, and some shabby acting make this film one of the most over hyped and overrated movies ever.

  2. "Avatar" This film just has overrated written all over it. Yes, it was pretty cool to watch in IMAX 3D, but that was about all it could boast. The fact that people are becoming clinically depressed because they can't live on the fictional planet of Pandora makes you just want to slam your head into a wall. Not only did this movie just take a couple classic films like "Dances with Wolves" and "Pocahontas," throw them in space and dash in some visual effects, but this film had some terrible acting too. How this film got people to see it more than once is beyond comprehension. The characters were so bad that you could just forget them as soon as you left the theaters.

  3. "The Departed" Martin Scorsese is a really great filmmaker, we'll give him that, but this film just didn't have the magic that his other films have had in the past. The accents alone are hard to swallow, and this film just throws a bunch of people together trying to kill each other and snoop out the snitch. It's a simple plot that just drags on. Scorsese does know how to make long films and probably couldn't make a short film to save his life. This film definitely does not shine like "Goodfellas" or "Taxi Driver," and could probably go back into the microwave to warm up a little bit more. There wasn't enough excitement to get enthused about, which makes it impossible to understand why so many people thought this overrated movie was so great.

  4. "Reservoir Dogs" What was so good about this overrated film? This film definitely has dialogue covered as the master of dialogue, Quentin Tarantino, had that covered, but without it, what could be so exciting about this movie? The whole time, the film is just basically set in a warehouse with people threatening to kill each other for over an hour. This film had some funny banter that was interesting, but most of the time you just want to get this over with and put in "Kill Bill." Tarantino has made a lot better films after this and although this is one of his first, it doesn't hide the fact that this film isn't up to snuff.

  5. "Fight Club" A crazy twist of psychological proportions and dark humor. This film is interesting to watch a few times, but when you get all the "cool kids" together, this film just gets them. Why do people love this movie so much? People love this movie so much that they don't get why they love it so much. This film is liked because one "cool" person said it was awesome and others followed. This is definitely a followers movie; people just watch it, don't understand why it's cool and just go along with it. It's lame, and so is making this movie out to be some amazing piece when it is just a little above average.



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