5 Pace Bowling Tips

5 pace bowling tips will help you excel on cricket field. The pace bowling style (also known as fast bowling) is one of the two commonly used bowling methods, the other being spin bowling. The pace bowling approach involves the bowler bowling the cricket ball at a high speed so it bounces or goes sideways, making the object difficult for the batsman to hit.

  1. Lean back before you move to bowl. Lean your upper body forward once you are in position to bowl, adding momentum to your shot. Think of yourself as a giant slingshot and experiment with how far forward your upper body needs to lean for the most control.
  2. Use your other arm. Reach upwards with the arm you are not bowling with right before you release the cricket ball. Yank your arm downward as the bowling arm is releasing the ball; the movements should be fluid and coordinated together between both arms for a faster bowl with more bounce.
  3. Snap your wrist. Jerk your wrist forward as part of your delivery for extra speed and to confuse the batsman. The movement must be even, as a harsh jerking motion can damage your wrist.
  4. Stretch before you play. Pay careful attention to your back, shoulders and hips. Pace bowling requires use of all these areas of your body especially, and stretching first helps you avoid injury and play with a wider range of motion.
  5. Run through speed exercises.  Practice racing in small sprints. You must be able to move extremely fast to deliver the ball.  
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