5 Packing Tips For Jamaica

These 5 Packing tips for Jamaica will help make your trip to the sun and sand easy and effortless. You won't need much, just the essentials and a swimsuit!!!

  1. Travel Documents. Be sure you have all of your travel documents in a safe, secure but easily accessible place. Items such as your ID and plane tickets will need to be very accessible as you need them several times during your check in. Also your passport if applicable.
  2. A suitcase or bag with wheels is recommended as you may have to roll for distances on the tarmac or in the airport and you don't want to have to worry about finding a luggage cart. When packing, choose lightweight, cotton fabrics as it is almost always hot and humid. If it gets chillier in the evenings you can always layer. A lightweight sweater or windbreaker is good to bring as well. Women can bring sarongs and lightweight sundresses for the beach and casual dining. Throw in a lightweight duffel bag for any treasures or items you end up picking up while there. These can be expensive to purchase. Camouflage items are not recommended as some places in the Caribbean prohibit civilians from wearing them.
  3. Carry-on bags should include items such as your camera, toiletry bag with essentials and other smaller items that you might not be able to find in Jamaica. Just be sure everything you pack in your carry-on is under the airport restricted amounts or you may have them taken away from you. Bring a change of clothes or your swimsuit in your carry on as well just in case your luggage is delayed or even lost.
  4. Batteries and Media cards. Stock up on small things like batteries as they can be quite expensive in Jamaica. Also items such as extra film, or memory cards for your camera are a great idea. Nothing like running out of room on your digital camera. Sunscreen and bug repellant are must haves for tropical climates. Be sure to pack in your suitcase and not in your carry on. Place items that may leak into large ziplock bags to stop accidents in your bag.
  5.  Mental Attitude. Pack your smile!!!!
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