5 Party Outfit Ideas For Men

The 5 best party outfit ideas for men are a varied and involve a lot of creativity and even more asininity. When you go to a party, the object of your intention is to steal the show, to be that dude who everyone will be talking about the next day at the water cooler. In order to successfully achieve this noble and very responsible goal, you need the proper party outfit ideas to lay the groundwork for your attempt to be the center of attention.

  1. Men's Retro Costume 70s Pimp Mac Daddy Suit Party Outfit Adult Standard. Nothing on God's green Earth says party like a historically accurate pimp costume straight out of the heyday of pimps everywhere, the 70s! This pimp and mac daddy party outfit takes top spot because of how easily the women will be drawn to you in it.
  2. Men's Halloween Party Costume Breathalyzer Outfit. This party outfit idea for men belongs at the number two spot because it is the perfect way to remind all the alcoholics in the room not to drink and drive after they leave the party—unless they want to run into the dreaded breathalyzer, that is! With a mouthpiece that is placed in just the right, scandalous place on your body, this party outfit idea is sure to convince everyone in the room that you are the ass clown that you present yourself to be.
  3. Men's Costume TV Commercial Burger King Party Outfit Adult Standard. Want to scare little children? Want to scare small mammals, including hamsters? Want to appear simply creepy to whoever spots you? Well now you can with the Burger King party outfit idea. Long the stuff of creepy nightmares from Burger King TV commercials, you may now don the identity of Burger King's weird-looking mascot—complete with creepy, frozen smile and everything!
  4. Men's Adult Halloween Costumes Religious Catholic Clergy Priest Costume Theme Party Outfit. If you have ever wanted to impersonate a religious figure, but have always been too scared to dress like an imam because of the reaction of Islam's radical adherents, you can rest easy because now, you can just impersonate a Catholic priest instead. If you have ever wanted to fool unsuspecting members of the public into confessing their sins to you or administering some of the seven sacraments on them, now is your chance of a lifetime! Sure, you may go to Hell for this act of sacrilege, but being the life of the party demands a little bit of audacity.
  5. Michael Myers Costume with Mask Deluxe. If you have ever wanted to pretend to be a mass-murdering psychopath with no regard for human life, here's your chance. Wear the Michael Myers costume to any party that you attend, and strike the fear of God into the hearts of all the attendees, especially as you wave your very realistic-looking, plastic knife right in their disbelieving faces.
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