5 PCP Drug References In Movies

Finding five PCP drug references in movies is easy. Americans live in a drug culture. Always have, always will. This being the case, drugs like PCP are referenced in movies constantly. Americans are so used to drugs infiltrating popular culture that many comedic movies are made referencing drugs and drug usage. Though not as referenced as most, PCP drug references do exist in some very popular flicks. PCP drug references stretch throughout the different movie genres. Here are the five most noticeable movies with PCP drug references in them.

  1. Training Day (2001). Who doesn't know about this film. It was arguably one of Denzel Washington's best movies. Ethan Hawke wasn't so bad either. He plays a guy doped up on PCP very well. Check out the scene when Alonzo (Washington) gets Jake (Hawke) to smoke PCP in his car. When the audience sees things through Jake's eyes, the view becomes all distorted and off-colored. It's one of the cooler scenes that have PCP drug references in them. 
  2. Trading Places (1983). This is the classic comedy starring Eddie Murphy and Dan Akroyd. Akroyd is an over privileged business man that ends up on the street because of a one dollar bet between his employers. Murphy is a homeless guy that assumes Akroyd's position at his former firm due to the same bet. The initial event that sends Winthorpe's (Akroyd) life into a downward spiral is when he gets framed for possessing drugs, including PCP. It's a very funny film.
  3. Friday (1995). This is definitely the funniest movie with a PCP drug reference in it. Smokey, played by Chris Tucker is explaining to his friend Craig (Ice Cube) how he accidentally smoked some Angel Dust with his buddy Hector. At one point he exclaims to have been so high that he was in a chicken coupe sweating like a runaway slave. He also shows a noticeable twitch throughout the film that he attributes to smoking the PCP with Hector. This is definitely a must see flick.
  4. Terminator (1984). Yes, PCP is referenced in this movie too. Arnold Swarzenegger is a blood thirsty cyborg from the future. In one particular scene he goes nuts and kills a handful of patrons in an LA bar. He then catches a load of shotgun shells to his chest. After a few moments he rises up and continues his pursuit of Sarah Connor. The LAPD justify his ability to take a shotgun blast by suggesting he's doped up on PCP. It would take a hell of a lot of PCP to stop a shotgun blast. But hey, if anyone can do it, the Governator can. 
  5. Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story (2007). This movie spoofs any and every biopic created about famous musical artists. One thing you know about musicians is how easily accessible drugs can be for them. Dewey Cox, played by John C. Reilly smokes a little bit of everything including PCP throughout the film. This particular scene is poking fun of the biopic "Ray".  It makes fun of how Ray Charles seemed to constantly be introduced to controlled substances by his band mates.
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