5 Penis Exercises To Do With Your Girlfriend

Knowing five penis exercises to do with your girlfriend can help spice up your love life. Other bonuses are increased arousal, more intense orgasms and lasting longer before ejaculation. Performing penis exercises with your girlfriend, rather than alone, makes them fun and exciting and will likely turn her on, as well.

  1. Stimulate the penis for fifteen minutes before ejaculation. Your girlfriend can touch it, rub it, massage it, lick it and suck it, but she can’t let you reach climax. This exercise will involve open communication and commitment on your part. When your girlfriend performs this penis exercise, she’s helping you learn how to last fifteen minutes during sex, making it more likely that you can help her reach orgasm, as well.
  2. Stop before you ejaculate. Let your girlfriend go wild on the penis for this exercise. She can stimulate as much as she wants and as fast as she wants, including oral sex and vaginal sex. However, before you ejaculate, give her warning and completely stop all stimulation for at least 30 seconds. Then go at it again. You and your girlfriend should complete a few rounds of this exercise to maximize the sexual pleasure for you both.
  3. Squeeze below the head of the penis. This exercise involves your girlfriend stimulating your penis until you’re almost at the point of no return. She should then stop and squeeze the penis gently below the head. This exercise will release some blood in the penis and help you last longer.
  4. Move your penis. By tightening and contracting your pelvic floor muscles, you can move your erect penis up and down. Let your girlfriend tease and pleasure your penis until you get an erection. Then, move it around for her. She’ll get a kick out of your control. Have your girlfriend hold her hand above your penis and try to hit it when moving the penis. This exercise will help to strengthen your penis and give you more control over your erections.
  5. Practice indirect stimulation. As a penis exercise with your girlfriend, instead of having her touch, lick or suck your penis directly, have her do it all around your penis. This can include the base of the penis, your testicles, perineum area and anus. The exercise of stimulating indirectly will help you and your girlfriend increase pleasure and make sex last longer.
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