5 Penis Strengthening Exercises

When looking to make sure you have a healthy penis, you may be interested in learning these 5 penis strengthening exercises. Before beginning these penis exercises, you should understand that since there is not a muscle in the penis, it is impossible to permanently make it larger by doing penis exercises. With that being said, penis exercises will increase blood flow to the penis and the erectile tissue.

  1. Kegel exercises. Women have been using the Kegel exercise to strengthen their muscles for over 70 years. The Kegel exercise uses the PC muscle. The easiest way to locate the PC muscle is when you are peeing. In mid stream, contract your muscle to stop peeing. This is your PC muscle. Now when you are not peeing contract the PC muscle and hold and count to ten. Repeat this process tentimes every other day. Don’t be surprised if you are unable to hold the contracted PC muscle for that long. It can take time to build up to the ten second mark.
  2. Jelq. Jelqing involves pushing blood through the penis. After lubricating your penis, wait until it is about 60% erect. Grip your penis at the base with a firm hold. The grip should be tight but not painful. Stroke upwards to the tip of the penis. While still holding at the tip, repeat the step again with your other hand.
  3. Edging. When you edge, you masturbate yourself to the point just before ejaculation. Even after you feel as though you are going to ejaculate, stop just before you do. Then once the feeling has passed, repeat again.
  4. Towel Raise. Once you have the Kegel exercise down, try doing a towel raise as a penis exercise. Once your penis is erect, place a dry hand towel on your penis. Try doing the Kegel exercise with the towel. You can help your penis if necessary with two fingers. Once you have mastered the dry towel make it heavier by adding water to it.
  5. Ballooning. Although the basis of ballooning is much like edging, the technique is different. Instead of stroking your penis to an orgasm, you will rub your sweet spot  while performing the Kegel exercise at the same time until you are on the brink of an orgasm and then stop. Continue these exercises for about 30 minutes. 
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