5 Pier Fishing Tips

When it comes to fishing, we could all use a few pointers, so we've put together a list of 5 pier fishing tips. Piert fishing can be great fun.  It's something you can do alone, or with friends.  You can do it all day, or for only an hour.  Just remember that it's called fishing and not catching!

  1. Know what fish can be caught there. Knowing what kinds of fish you might encounter will help you prepare. It will help you know what kind of gear and bait to use while pier fishing.
  2. Know what bait to use. Different fish eat different things. So, if you want to catch a specific type of fish from the pier, then make sure you're pier fishing with the correct type of bait. At a store you can buy live bait, dead bait, lures, chum, or you can catch your own live bait.
  3. Know the fishing laws. Some fish you can only keep if they're a certain length. Some other fish you can only keep so many of. And some you can't keep at all.  You'll need to know the current laws. Some fish also have seasons, and can only be kept in those seasons. You'll also need to know if you need a fishing license to be pier fishing in your state. 
  4. Have the right gear. There are different kinds of rods, fishing lines, and hooks. You'll need to know what works best for whatever you're trying to catch. For instance, many fish will not bite the bait if they can see the hook or line easily. Thus, you would need a smaller hook and thinner line. You might also want a bait bucket to keep live bait in when you go pier fishing.
  5. Go at the right time of day. Different fish are active at different times of the day, or night. For instance, if you want to catch snook from the pier, then you will want to go pier fishing at night, when they are most active.
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