5 Pin Bowling Tips

If you are interested in pin bowling, then you need to know these 5 pin bowling tips. These tips will ensure that you are at the top of your game when you get out on the lanes of the bowling alley for some five pin bowling!

  1. Develop your own shot for five pin bowling. A mistake that many new five pin bowlers make is trying to look up the “perfect” shot to always get a strike; the truth is that one doesn’t exist in five pin bowling. There are many aspects that affect the way you bowl all of your shots in five pin bowling. Some that you will want to be on a lookout for including the size of the ball (usually all are a standard size but you never know!). The most defining factor of any bowlers shot is the natural curve that many people have in their shots. To find out if you have a natural curve and which way it goes, watch your throw when you bowl the ball and see which way the ball seems to go. Utilize this new information about your shot to set yourself up perfectly to throw the proper five pin bowling shot.
  2. Have a structured practice routine for your five pin bowling. The best thing to do during your five pin bowling practice routine is to throw a few warm-ups down the lane. After you have done these warm-up throws, practice your own specific shot that you should have developed. Be sure to take breaks during your practice session and reflect on how your shots have been; this is the time to change it up if your shot isn’t working right for you!
  3. Know the differences between five pin and ten pen bowling. There is the obvious difference among the number of pins, but there is also a difference about how you should throw your ball. In ten pin bowling, you can sometimes get away with the ball going right down the middle of the lane, but to be successful at ten pin bowling you absolutely have to utilize a curve in the ball. The reason for this is that the ball will have to cut through numerous pins in different crucial points in the pin setup to knock the pins over and make other pins get knocked over!



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