5 Ping Pong Trick Shots

Do you want to learn 5 ping pong trick shots? Here are some basic tips and tricks that will help your ping pong game excel and allow for you to beat your friends. None of these trick shots are tough but will help you win. This is what you want to do anyway.  So follow these tricks.

  1. Slam. What can anyone say about this it is as simple as it sounds. Serve the ball let your opponent receive the ball and send it back to you. In the few moments you have before the ball gets to you pick out a spot on your opponents side and you want to hit the ball with all the force you can muster and follow through so that your opponent cannot defend it.
  2. Back spin. When you are going to serve or hit the ball keep your paddle flat and slice down at the ball so that it puts back spin on the ball. This will make it so that when the ball hits the table it will bounce away from your opponent instead of at them.
  3. Mix up. This is simple when receiving the ball from your opponent you will want to go to the opposite place from where they came from make this switch off for a while until you have them guessing and hit it back in the same direction that the ball came from.
  4. Top spin. Tilt the paddle closed while serving and hit it down at an angle. This will create top spin so that it skips away from your opponent.
  5. Opposite spin. This means deciphering what spin your opponent is and using the exact opposite to return it. Back spin coming at you return it with top spin. This will make it impossible for your opponent to send it back at you.
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