5 Pinoy Celebrity Scandals

The 5 best Pinoy celebrity scandals all revolve around the Filipino people, seeing as how Pinoy is understood to be a demonym that refers to Filipinos, whether in the Philippines or in other parts around the globe. It seems that being a celebrity in the Philippines is no different than being a celebrity in the US because they have their own share of sordid scandals.

  1. Gretchen Barretto and John Estrada. This is the best Pinoy celebrity scandal because it involves the lovers and partners of a former Pinoy child star and a Pinoy magnate. It seems that a multimedia messaging service picture captured Barretto and Estrada–who are married to magnate Tony Boy Cojuangco and formerly married to child star Janice de Belen respectively-kissing. Needless to say, it caused quite the uproar!
  2. Ethel Booba and Alex Crisano. First of all, is there a better celebrity scandal name than Ethel Booba? That said, indiscreet videotaping did in Booba and her partner Alex Crisano, a basketball player. Though Booba totally denied it, she was seen in a videotape barely clothed along with Crisano, and she appeared to also get instructions from an unidentified man offscreen! Scandal!
  3. Angel Locsin. The third-best Pinoy celebrity scandal involves Angel Locsin; Locsin is a newswoman in the Philippines. She was quite popular back in the early 1990s to the point where cameras would even follow her around when she traveled to places like London. Her celebrity scandal involved allegations that she was involved in a sex tape with an old, Japanese fellow! This was later discredited as false.
  4. Karel Marquez. Karel Marquez's Pinoy celebrity scandal is one of a more immature and reckless kind, something akin to "Girls Gone Wild", just the Pinoy version of it. Recognized as a celebrity with both acting and singing talents, Marquez was caught in a shameful video that showed her having her boobies exposed by some college students during a party in Boracay. She could not deny the obvious as it was on tape!
  5. Jennylyn Mercado. Jennylyn Mercado is a "Starstruck" winner, which made her a household-name in the Philippines. Her Pinoy celebrity scandal is actually two in one. Not only was she linked with fellow "Starstruck" winner Mark Herras, she was also shown on video stark naked as she was showering.
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