5 Places To Buy Straight Razors Online

For the classically-minded self-hygienist, check out these 5 places to buy straight razors online. Since such razors are not necessarily in style, straight razors can be difficult to find at a local retailer or department store. So unless you have access to a specially niched boutique, you should try out these online resources to find the best and most reasonably priced straight razor for you. (Or for others—straight razors make great gifts!)

  1. ClassicShaving.com. This online retailer offers a classy, high-quality website for browsing the finer details of its available products. In addition to its designated departments for a variety of specialized, designer straight razors, the website also offers an impressive selection of shaving accessories, including shaving brushes, aftershaves, colognes, soaps and creams, and even stylish shaving mugs and bowls. For the right price, ClassicShaving.com provides a strong resource for the man or woman who is serious about their shaving experience.
  2. KnifeCenter.com. This shop boasts a similar repertoire of pricey, high-class straight razors for the thoughtful shaver. Although KnifeCenter.com is not an exclusive straight razor specialist like ClassicShaving.com, the site still provides everything to complete your shaving kit. And if you want to pick up a pair of scissors, a sword or a tactical knife with your order, KnifeCenter.com is the place! Keep an eye out for their frequent sales and shipping discounts on larger orders.
  3. Best Grooming Tools. This website offers a variety of grooming products beyond straight razors. Additionally, the site does not host a very wide selection of straight razors, and their site layout is antiquated and plain—often a sign of a less serious business model. However, the prices on this site are some of the cheapest you'll find. So for the straight razor shaver on a budget, Best Grooming Tools may be the perfect resource.
  4. The Executive Shaving Company. While this website may not offer the sleek, comfortable design of resources like ClassicShaving.com or KnifeCenter.com, the U.K. site offers competitive prices on many of the same designer straight razor manufacturers offered by those other sites. In addition, this site offers a very detailed, comprehensive guide to shaving with a straight razor, perfect for the first-timer. The guide offers recommendations and explanations of the different options at your disposal when it comes to straight razor shaving.
  5. Razors Direct. Finally, this website specializes in more conventional razors, while still offering a small selection of the same brand of high-quality straight razors you can find on the other retailers. The best advantage for Razors Direct shoppers, however, is their very competitive prices. Some of the razors on this website are much heaper than the same razors on other straight razor retailers.
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