5 Places To Kayak In Alabama

The 5 best places to kayak in Alabama are those places primarily right by the Gulf of Mexico, but there are also plenty of streams, rivers and other bodies of water much more inland that also will satisfy your urge to go kayaking in the state of Alabama. With all its wilderness areas and its great, southern weather, Alabama is an ideal place to go kayaking.

  1. Sand Island Sand Island takes the top spot on this list of the five best places to kayak in Alabama since it offers you the chance for open water paddling, which is a great change from the usual experience of kayaking in a river. As you paddle your way to this island just off the Alabama coast, you will encounter amazing sights like dolphins, oil rigs against the horizon and pelicans swimming and diving in formation.
  2. Navy Cove In Alabama's Mobile Bay, right in the middle of the lower mouth of said bay, you will discover the Navy Cove kayaking trail. A distinctive feature of Mobile Bay is the salt water from the Gulf of Mexico actually intermingles with the Mobile River's fresh water to give you a truly unique paddling environment for your kayaking trip, which is why this is the second best place to kayak in Alabama.
  3. Black Warrior River In West Central Alabama, the waterway known as the Black Warrior River, gives you ample opportunities to check out the wildlife such as woodpeckers, kingfishers and herons. While the water is clear, which helps with the avoidance of underwater dangers like rocks and the like, there are few places to actually allow you to disembark and stretch your legs on land for a while. Still, this river comes in at number three because it's a scenic place to kayak in Alabama.
  4. Cahaba River The Cahaba River is the fourth best place to kayak in Alabama because of all the wide open and free-flowing areas you get to navigate. The longest free-flowing river in the state, the Cahaba River prompts you to actually walk or portage with your kayak pretty often, which has the tendency of extending the kayaking trips that you may take on this river by a significant margin.
  5. Cheaha Creek Right by Talladega in Alabama, the Cheaha Creek is great place to kayak in Alabama because it is so easy to do. Its difficulty level is rated quite simple, which means there are lots of places to stop and rest your kayak for picnics or just to stretch your legs. The water is also very clear and there are no obstacles in your kayaking trail–such as rapids or other nasty surprises–which makes for a very achievable course.
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