5 Places To Kayak In Rhode Island

The 5 best places to kayak in Rhode Island are those very special places in the state which you can escape to in order to get in some rejuvenating kayaking. Rhode Island is a very small state, so finding a good kayaking place should be quite easy. Here you will only find the best kayaking places worth actually experiencing in the state of Rhode Island.

  1. Greenwich Bay Greenwich Bay sits atop this list of the five best places to kayak in Rhode Island due to its shallow waters that rarely get deeper than waist-high and, thus, provides you with a safe environment to kayak your heart out. A five-mile-long estuary, Greenwich Bay provides good protection for kayakers even if the conditions get a tad rough. Here you can feel confident that your risk is quite low.
  2. Bristol Harbor If you enjoy gawking at awesome yachts, nice sailboats and pleasing waterfront homes, Bristol Harbor is your place to kayak in Rhode Island. It gets the number two spot because of its idyllic conditions in which to paddle and enjoy the history that is present throughout this harbor. Be careful, though, because windy days can upset your peaceful paddling conditions here.
  3. Hog Island Hog Island deserves the three spot as one of the best places to kayak in Rhode Island due to the fun opportunity it offers you to take a little kayak trip around its perimeter. While your trip around Hog Island will begin in Bristol Harbor, be reminded that you will eventually leave the safety of the harbor, so you should expect some rougher conditions as you progress.
  4. The Cove West of the Sakonnet River lies The Cove, a protected and sheltered inlet that features many beaches as well as a few islands that are just waiting for you to come explore them. For a kayaking trip that not only involves paddling through this idyllic setting but also disembarking and seeing the sights, make it The Cove.
  5. Prudence Island Prudence Island is a very small island that only stretches 6.5 miles long another 1.6 miles across. Believe it or not, this island is home to 150 people and lots of deer. If you start out from Bristol Harbor, you can easily make it to Prudence Island in the course of half a day, depending on your pace.
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