5 Places To Kayak In Southern Vermont

The best 5 places to kayak in Southern Vermont include those inviting spots where you can indulge your kayak hobby to the fullest, without anything getting in the way. Vermont may not have a lot of coastline to give you choice kayaking areas out on the open water, but it is home to a network of smaller bodies of water, everything from ponds to rivers to lakes that can make for a great time kayaking just the same.

  1. Sadawga Pond. This pond is found just above the border with Massachusetts, and this pond is the best place to kayak in Southern Vermont because of its nifty feature of a floating island! For your kayaking adventure, you can start paddling from the shores of Sadawga Pond, and then see if you can make it to said floating island. Once you get there, you will have 25 acres of mostly moss and vegetation to deal with.
  2. Connecticut River. The Connecticut River travels part of its length into the state of Vermont. This trip is ultra-unique because you are able to essentially kayak down this river with Vermont on your west side while New Hampshire is to your east side. What puts the Connecticut River as the second best place to kayak in Southern Vermont is that you can strand your boat on the Vermont side of the river numerous times during your trip, if the current and tide moves you that way.
  3. Somerset Reservoir. Somerset Reservoir earns the third spot on this list of the best places to kayak in Southern Vermont on account of the sheer exercise it will force you to undertake. You will require a lot of physical strength to last through this kayaking trail, especially as you spend your day paddling your way up this long and thin lake. You will also get to see sumptuous mountains like Mount Snow during this trip.
  4. Grout Pond and Branch Pond. These little ponds are situated perfectly within Green Mountain National Forest, and that means that you will encounter a good amount of picnicking opportunities on the grounds of this national forest, which is an ideal way to balance all the kayaking you'll do here. While this makes them the fourth best place to kayak in Southern Vermont, they also offer paddling that is not too stressful and not too difficult, mainly because of the relaxing forest setting all around you.
  5. Lowell Lake. A lake that does not have much depth, Lowell Lake is still a great place to kayak in Southern Vermont, mainly because your kayak will still be able to move through the lake's water, even if it is congested with surface vegetation. Should you want a break from all that muscle-building kayaking, you can explore all the neat hiking trails that follow the shoreline of this lake.
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