5 Places Near Morro Bay To Launch A Kayak

These 5 places near Morro Bay to launch a kayak all have a few things in common: great views, great weather and great experiences all around. Morro Bay in the state of California is a waterfront city of about 10,000 people, which lies in San Luis Obispo County. Morro Bay is committed to being a protector of wildlife with part of it being a national bird sanctuary. It is classified as a national estuary.

  1. Morro Bay Estuary. Morro Bay Estuary takes the number one spot on this countdown because it epitomizes Morro Bay's dedication as a protector of wildlife. As you launch your kayak here, know that you are surrounded by many nature preserves on all sides, which means that you'll even get a chance to spot some bird species in the area.
  2. Morro Bay Harbor and Estuary. The Morro Bay Harbor and Estuary earns a spot because of the fantastic views you get of Morro Rock, an almost 600-foot high volcanic plug, which is a big landmark in this waterfront city. This harbor and estuary is a great place to launch a kayak because you will be taken to some of the nicest kayaking in California, not to mention peaceful kayaking to salt marshes and relaxing tidal channels.
  3. Spooners Cove in Montana de Oro. Spooners Cove is the third best place near Morro Bay from which to launch a kayak because of the sheer challenge you will get as you paddle through this uninhabited stretch of San Luis Obispo coastline. As you leave the scenery of Morro Bay, you will be treated to views of the cliffs of Montana de Oro State Park and the sharp ocean side drop on Morro Bay's side.
  4. Spooners Cove to Olde Port Beach. Olde Porte Beach takes the fourth spot on this countdown of best places near Morro Bay to launch your kayak since it is near the migration paths of California gray whales. An unspoiled coastline that is also sparsely populated, taking the trip from Spooners Cove to Olde Port Beach during spring or winter should get you the best chances at seeing the gray whales as they migrate.
  5. Port San Luis. Port San Luis is the fifth best place near Morrow Bay from which to launch a kayak. It has given ships safe harbor for the past 150 years, so in the same way, this port will provide you with a pretty easy touring experience on your kayak. While you can easily kayak for a 100 miles or so in either direction from this port, you can also just paddle your way to the rock gardens and isolated beaches to the east.
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