5 Places You Can Drive A Supercar Without Being A Millionaire

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Where can you take your super dream car and be treated like the average Joe? Okay, you're not a millionaire but you'd like to find a few locations you can drive casual. You can't go wrong with at least one of these five choices.



The beach is a great location to venture. Nothing like coasting the coast. Something millionaires own but tend to lack time to partake. Instead of sitting at home counting your spoils take a drive to the beach. And you don't have to be a millionaire to enjoy it.



Car shows are excellent picks. Find a car show located close to you and take the ride. Car shows vary and so you still do not have to be a millionaire to watch. And the best part of this is watching spectator eyes focused on your vehicle.


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Side roads. One way to not allow money to get in the way is to save big spender. There are four words to remember. Side roads, no toll. Map out a good driving plan that avoids any toll booth charge. It's not all about the money. With cars, such as the one in the photo, a driver would want to stay away from toll booths since they can easily put a damper, or a ding, or scratch, on that beautiful speedster you're driving.



Country roads are always a calm pleasure. Unless gas costs you more than what you paid for your ride, you can afford a drive in the country. Even with that super car.



Escape to the mountains. Quiet, full of trees, winding roads–no toll booths! That would be a prime location to drive your super car.  Problem. Make sure that super car can climb some super height.

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