5 Pleasuring Women Tips

You are both in the mood and, right about now, five pleasuring women tips would come in really handy to get the night off to a good start. The lights are low, soft music is playing in the background, and she is in your arms warm, ready and waiting. Pleasuring women is easy if you just follow some basic pointers to help you find your way. So, relax, take a deep breath and let these five tips help you find what turns her on.

  1. Kisses, kisses, kisses. Start with a kiss, end with a kiss and pepper every moment in between with even more kisses. Kissing is one of the most sensual of acts and women love it! It is central to pleasuring women. Without kissing, sex is just sex. With it, every moment of your time together is a sensuous banquet. Kiss her gently on the eyelids, neck or shoulders. Envelope her in a wet, steamy French kiss. When pleasuring a woman, there is a time for every kind of kiss you can dream up.
  2. Pay attention to parts of her you might not normally think of. Every square inch of a woman's body is covered in sensitive nerve endings. Running your lips gently across her shoulders can make her tingle. Blowing softly on the nape of her neck while tracing the curve of her waist with your hand can make her whole body shiver with desire. Spend some time pleasuring her by exploring the bridge of her nose, her earlobes, that soft spot behind her knees and each and every toe on both feet. Her reaction might surprise you!
  3. Gently caress and explore her breasts. Pleasuring women must always include breast play. But, what is pleasurable to one woman may not be as enjoyable to another. Cup her breast in your hand and run your tongue around her nipple. Try sucking on her nipple with varying degrees of intensity, paying attention to her response. Don't be afraid to explore and be playful. You'll be able to tell by her reactions if what you are doing is working or not.
  4. Spend time on foreplay. Many women don't reach orgasm through intercourse alone. Pleasuring a woman through foreplay heightens her arousal so that she is ready to respond during intercourse. Trace circles around her clitoris with your fingers or tongue. Gently caress or lick her vaginal lips. Pay attention to the little sigh or soft thrust of her hips that tells you you have found just the right spot.
  5. Talk to her. Telling her what you have planned next in her pleasuring, or whispering sweet nothings in her ear can be very arousing for her. But, also make sure to communicate with her. Ask how she is feeling. Let her tell you what can make it even better. Allow her to guide you as much as she wants to or is willing to. Together, you will find your way to her ultimate pleasure.
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