5 Portland Restaurants That Serve Sleepy Monk Coffee

Portland, Oregon is known for its exceptional coffee; but if Stumptown or Wandering Goat are not good enough for you, you should check out these 5 restaurants in Portland, Oregon that serve Sleepy Monk Coffee. Sleepy Monk Coffee is roasted in Cannon Beach, which is just 80 miles from downtown Portland. Sleepy Monk specializes in Organic Coffee; they also have a tasting room and bring in Voodoo doughnuts on the weekends. This small, cozy coffee roaster is definitely worth a weekend trip, but during the rest of the week, here are 5 places you can get Sleepy Monk Coffee without driving to the coast.

  1. Elephant's Deli. This downtown Deli serves Sleepy Monk Coffee and much more. Elephant's Deli has a pizza grill, a wine bar and sack lunches to go. It is an easy walk from 23rd Avenue, if you are doing some shopping and want to take a break for Sleepy Monk Coffee. You can get a cup of regular coffee or an espresso drink. Elephant's Deli: 115 NW 22nd Ave., Portland, OR 97210.
  2. Papa's Haven Coffee. Papa's Haven offers a variety of Sleepy Monk Coffee Blends. They are known for their skilled baristas and the option of hemp milk for your latte. There isn't much in the way of parking, so it is best to ride your bike to get your Sleepy Monk fix. Papa's Haven Coffee: 800 NW Murray Rd, Portland, OR 97229.
  3. Insomnia Coffee Company. Insomnia is actually located in Hillsboro, a suburb or Portland, but it is close enough. Insomnia is a great place to get Sleepy Monk Coffee without going into downtown Portland. If you live in Beaverton, Insomnia might become your new favorite coffee shop. Insomnia also serves bagels, pastries, and tea. Insomnia offers rice and soy milk alternatives. You can play a board game or admire the modern art while you sip your coffee. Insomnia: 5389 W. Baseline Rd., Hillsboro, OR 97124.
  4. Everett Street Bistro. Everett's is a popular Bistro. You can find your Sleep Monk Coffee and They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner and also have wine tasting. They have a great cocktail menu too. Foe example check out the Mango Martini with house-infused mango vodka, Hypnotiq, lemon juice, and  champagne. Everett Street Bistro: 1140 NW Everett St., Portland, OR 97209.
  5. Blossoming Lotus. The Lotus is a locally owned coffee shop and restaurant. If you live on the Eastside, the Lotus is one of the best locations to get coffee. They serve Sleepy Monk Coffee and they have an excellent brunch menu. Even if you aren't vegetarian, you will be impressed with the Walnut-Chorizo. Blossoming Lotus: 1713 NE 15th Ave., Portland, OR 97212.
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