5 Poses For A Challenging Yoga Abs Workout

Yoga is a great way to get a low-impact workout that tones your body and these 5 poses for a challenging yoga abs workout will help you tone your abs. If you follow this challenging yoga abs workout several times a week, you will have a ripped six-pack of abs in no time!

  1. Plank. This yoga pose looks deceptively simple, but when you’re doing it right, plank pose tones your abs and challenges your entire core. Get into pushup position,and place your forearms on the ground under your shoulders and your hands together under your head. Hold your body straight for as long as you can.
  2. Double Leg Lifts. While lying on your back, put both of your palms under your butt. Lift both legs eight inches off of the ground. Holding your legs off the ground without aid of your hands is a challenging yoga pose that tones your lower abs.
  3. Boat Pose. Start by lying on the ground. Lift your upper and lower body off the ground, so that you’re forming a "V" with your butt on the ground. Your arms should reach out on the sides of your legs. This challenging yoga pose tones abs and works on balance.
  4. Upward Dog. Start off lying on your stomach. Place your hands by your shoulders and lift your upper body off the ground. Use the entire length of your stomach muscles. Do not rely on your arms; they are just used for balance. When your abs are really strong, challenge yourself by lifting your palms off the ground and maintaining the pose.
  5. Child’s Pose. Sit on your knees and bend over at the waist. Extend your arms in front of you while breathing deeply. This pose should be done at the end of your abs workout. It balances out the challenging poses and revives your abs.

To make any of these yoga abs workout moves more challenging, hold them for a longer duration. As you get stronger, you will benefit from great abs and greater mental focus. Namaste.

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