5 Positions To Try With A Real Doll

Knowing these 5 positions to try with a real doll can enhance your sexual experience. The real life dolls have an internal skeleton which allows them to be placed in multiple, life-like positions. They are not capable, however, of supporting their own weight. One of the draw backs of the expensive sex toys is the weight. The dead weight, typically between 75 and 120 pounds, is difficult to move in the heat of the moment. Set your doll in one of these positions prior to starting the act for the best results.

  1. Standing, bent over. The first suggested position to try with a Real Doll is a standing one. While the doll cannot support it's own weight, the internal skeleton will allow for the doll to be propped. Bend the doll at the waist and place the upper torso on a table, bed or other shelf-like area to support the upper body. Spread the legs slightly. Select shoes for the doll which allow her to stand flat. This position allows you to enter from the rear position making it workable for vaginal or anal penetration.
  2. In the corner. For the male who likes sex against the wall of a room, this position to try with a Real Doll makes it possible. Place the doll facing outward from a corner in the room. The corner walls will prevent her from falling over. Place her arms outward against the walls to assist in balancing her. Lift one leg to hold on to during the sex act.
  3. Face down. A classic position to try with a Real Doll is the face down doggie style. Place the doll on her knees with her arms raised above her head. Slightly spread the legs to balance her and put her head downward on the bed or floor.
  4. Spooning. For a laying position to try with a Real Doll, consider spooning. Lay the doll on her side with her arms bent to support her upper body in front. Bend her bottom leg into a 45 degree angle to support the lower body. Lift the upper leg up to allow for penetration.
  5. Missionary. A classic position to try with a Real Doll is the missionary. Lay her on her back and bend her legs in a 45 degree angle. Spread the legs apart and commence the act.
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