5 Pua Seduction Tips

If you want to be a pick up artist (PUA), you need to know these 5 PUA seduction tips. Well, Mr. PUA, you need to have some idea of what attracts a woman to seduce her. These five seduction tips will help get your foot in the door but get something else somewhere else is on you. Being a PUA or player can be a good time or it can be very frustrating. These tips for seducing a woman are only five flavors of possibilities. Each move or seduction is a personal thing for a woman. We all have our likes and dislikes and some are easier than others are. Being a PUA does not guarantee a romp with every woman you meet. No, being a PUA means just that, you need to be an artist, coy, smooth and confident. Check out these tips and you will be laying the foundation, for getting laid as a PUA.

Five tips for the PUA seduction:

  1. Confidence not arrogance: a PUA should be confident. A confident man is sure of himself and not intimidated by conversation. Walk into a room, not like you won it, but like you belong there. Don’t look down on other men or treat the ladies like the owe you. Rather, let them know you are confident and can take on any challenge.
  2. Smooth not clumsy: a PUA must carry himself well. No fumbling over words or making an ass of yourself thinking you are being cute. Stupidity and teenager mentality on the seduction scene is old hat. The women you are trying to seduce have been through all that back when blemished and awkward kisses were all the rage.
  3. Be into the woman, not into yourself: a PUA should be interested in the woman, not themselves. Spend your time asking her questions to get to know her. Yes, we all know you want to bed her not delve into her personality. However, this is part of being a PUA, patience and the reward will be worthwhile.
  4. Bros before hos: a PUA should operate alone. Leave your pals at home on the couch watching the game. A huge turn off is to begin to feel the mood coming on and then have a friend come along and skewer the moment. All do respect to the Bros, but unless you want to take one of them home to bed, leave them behind.
  5. Ease into it: a PUA must be smooth and patient. The words you choose and the way you act are vital. Not every woman requires one beer or a corny pick-up line to bed. Take your time, be coy and cool. After all, you have all night. The anticipation will make the moment of lust that much more heated.
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