5 Pub Drinking Games For 2 Players

Here are 5 pub drinking games for two players that is fit fro you and a male or female opponent. These games are fun and challenging. These two person drinking games can easily be played at your favorite pub. Some of these drinking games require props and space so be sure you have the room and the owner is willing to let you play. These two person drinking games are a great way to toss back a few and enjoy your time at the pub

  1. Bank Shot – Shot Glass: This is best played with shots of beer unless you are a pool wizard. The object of this drinking game is to call your shot on the pool table. Each shot has to sink the ball without a scratch and has to be from a bank shot. If you make it they drink, if you miss you drink.
  2. Ping-Pong: This classic game is simple. You need a table, twelve cups and some of your favorite drinks. Set up six cups at either end of a table in a pyramid. Fill, half way, each cup with your favorite drink. Each drinking opponent stands at the opposite ends of the table. You must bounce the pink pong ball on the table and make it in a cup. If you do your drinking buddy has to drink the contents of the cup. Loser is the one without any cups.
  3. Dart and Shots: Another drinking game that you should chose your shot count and contents carefully. This game is based on hitting odds, single, doubles or triples. You have to call the shot and if you make it your opponent drinks a shot. If you hit a bull’s-eye, you must call it and your opponent has to drink one of your shots as well as hers. Be carful though, if you miss you must do the same.
  4. Down and Yards: A great two player drinking game during football season. Idea here is to be the coach of your team. During a football game chose sides. You must call the offensive play that will occur next. Run or pass play. Your opponent then must give a yardage restriction. For example, you call run play and your opponent says no more than three yards. Drinks are based on scoring points for being right. Each point equates to a shot.
  5. Bumming a Dollar: This drinking game can be a riot based on the type of crowd that hangs out at your bar. The object is for one player to choose a patron for the opponent to ask to borrow a dollar (this can be any monetary denomination, just change the name to match it i.e. Bumming an Quarter). Every time some one reaches into their pocket you take a shot, each time your opponent fails, well they take a shot. You can take this game out into the street as well, should you so desire.
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