5 Pub Drinking Games

You're at the pub, and you're drinking-so why not add a little competition to the mix with these 5 pub drinking games?  Use these general rules, or make up your own as you go along—there's no drinking game police, so have fun and be creative!

  1. Beer Darts.  You might not think of darts as a drinking game, but all it takes is a few tweaks to get the fun started.  Darts is an essential pub game, so most decent places should have a board. 
  2. Pool.  Turn pool into a drinking game by calling every shot-and making your opponent take a shot when you make yours.  If you don't make it, you drink. 
  3. Beer Pong.  Possibly the most classic drinking game, it can be played on any surface—even a pub table.  Bring along a ping-pong ball, set your drinks as far apart as possible and try to dunk the ball in your opponent's cup.  If you make it, they drink.  If not, you drink.  Play with up to four players around one table or put some tables together to make the game a bit harder.
  4. Thumb game.  One person buys a round of beer for the group, and gets to be the "King."  The King can place his thumb on the edge of the table any time he likes.  Whoever is the last person to follow suit and put his thumb on the table is the loser and has to take three chugs.  When everyone has finished their drinks, the loser has to buy the next round.
  5. Pub Golf.  Pub crawl and order a beer at each location.  Down your entire beer in one swig, and you've got yourself a hole in one.  Keep track of the points-the one with the lowest score wins this pub drinking game.
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