5 Pubic Lice Symptoms For A Male

It is helpful to know these 5 pubic lice symptoms for a male, especially if you are in a phase of your life where you are not ready to settle down with one lady, and are therefore intimate with more than one lady at different times. Pubic lice isn't particularly dangerous, but it is sure annoying. Pubic lice are also known as crabs. Pubic lice are extremely contagious.

The main symptom you will notice is lots and lots of itching! Pubic lice are extremely itchy and no matter how much you scratch, you'll never help the pubic lice by scratching, you will in fact make it worse. That is a tender area to scratch in, and you are either going to scratch yourself raw and look funny doing it, or scratch yourself up and make your pubic area very raw which is not worth it.

You will notice grey bugs that are about 1/6 of an inch long. Pubic lice move extremely fast and are not easy to pick up although it is tempting in some ways. But this at least gives you an idea of whether pubic lice is what is causing the massive itch.

The nits are even more difficult to see and difficult to get out. They stick to your hair and  have a glue that keeps them attached to the pubic hair. When you have head lice, you can almost get away with pulling the nits off, but on your pubic are that's not apt to work too well. That is like ripping tape off of hair. You can get rid of these pesky critters though.

You may not want to say anything about having the pubic lice, but it would be nice to inform those ladies who you may have been with so they can be treated too. They are going to figure it out anyway when they find the same bugs and feel the same intense itching. If you do have pubic lice, bear in mind that as many as 30% of sexually active people who contact pubic lice also have other std's. Check to see if you have it or see your doctor and if necessary get treatment.

There are a couple of ways to get rid of pubic lice. Get some olive oil, coconut oil and a nit comb. By the time you have your pubic area coated in olive oil and coconut oil, combing the bugs through a nit comb shouldn't hurt too bad. You can also use some over the counter products but make sure to read the labels to be sure they're safe for treating pubic lice and such a sensitive area on the body.

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