5 Questions To Ask Divorce Lawyer

When married couples are thinking about divorce here is 5 questions to ask a divorce lawyer at the consultation appointment.  Nobody wants to think about divorce, but simply being prepared can make the best of the situation.  Divorce can be scary for all parties involved.  Having the answers to these questions could possibly make the decision whether divorce is the answer.

  1. Who Will Get Custody of the Kids? It would be a good idea to know the options and where you stand when it comes to the kids. Joint custody and sole custody are always options.  The lawyer will tell  which one will work best in your situation.  Who gets custody and the type of custody also plays a role on child support. 
  2. How Will Our Property be Divided? It would be a good idea to make a list of all property and assets before the consultation appointment.  Know which ones were acquired as a couple and which ones were acquired before the relationship. Courts strive for equal division of property. The lawyer will want to know what assets are important to you and use the others for bargaining power. Both parties should come to some sort of agreement.
  3. Will There be Alimony Payments?  Alimony is payments from one party to the other party.  Some states require alimony to be paid and others do not. It allows a party to maintain the quality of living to which they are used to. Alimony is different than child support and it one of the most important questions to ask a divorce lawyer.
  4. How Long Will the Divorce Process Last? Some states require a cooling off period or a waiting period, which is a time after legal separation that a couple must wait before they can start the divorce. Sometimes there is only a waiting period when kids are involved. It is different in every state and it should be one of the five questions to ask a divorce lawyer.
  5. How Much Will the Divorce Cost? Divorce is very expensive and the more that is at stake, the more it cost.  The lawyer will want some money up front and you are going to want to make sure you will have enough funds to cover the cost of the divorce.

After you have the answers to these five questions, you will want to reflect on them and see if divorce is the right decision for you.  All these factors play an important role in the decision.

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