5 Rain Out Camping Games To Play In The Tent

For fans of camping, chances are, at some time or other, you're going to be stuck in a torrential downpour during which you'll be happier if you know these five rain out camping games to play in the tent. A wet tent can be a miserable place to be, especially with a lot of people damp and complaining, so being able to offer a solution to taking everyone's mind off their misery may make you the hero of the hour.

You will need some supplies to be prepared to play rain out camping games in the tent. These supplies include:

  • At least five decks of cards. Cards don't stand up real well to humidity or wet conditions so having plenty of decks of cards on hand will keep everyone happier. 
  • Quarters, a flat surface (such as a book) and a shot glass
  • Lots of liquor
  • Poker chips
  • A checker set and enough shot glasses
  • A bottle and attractive partners sitting across from you (for Spin the Bottle)
  1. Depending on if you're surrounded by the opposite sex (or maybe not…), you might suggest a rousing game of strip poker. Playing five card stud will be the quickest way to get the object of your affections down to her bra and panties in no time flat. You and your card player friends will quickly forget that you're playing rain out camping games in a tent!
  2. Another rain out camping game to play in the tent is a game of quarters. Have everyone take turns bouncing a quarter off a book into the shot glass. If the quarter misses, the shooter drinks a shot of their favorite liquor. As people get more toasted, you'll be drinking fast and furious shots.
  3. It doesn't take a rain storm to get a great game of poker going inside a tent. Make sure that everyone knows the rules of the game you choose to play as there are about a million poker games
  4. And, who can forget beer checkers?! Set up a checkers board with shot glasses full of beer in place of traditional checkers playing pieces. When a piece is jumped, the owner of the jumped piece drinks the shot. This is about the only game of checkers that you can play where you hope to lose.
  5. The best rain out camping game to play in the tent might be spin the bottle. Sure it's an oldie but it's a goodie. Place an empty bottle on a flat surface and spin. The people who are at the ends of the bottle kiss. Spin the bottle is a great way to really get a rained out weekend going in the right direction.
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