5 Rainy Day Date Ideas: Denver

If you are on the hunt for rainy day date ideas in Denver, then you have come to the right place. There are tons of things you can do when the weather isn’t so great outside, but we went ahead and put together a list of 5 rainy date ideas: Denver.

  1. See a Movie. There is nothing more relaxing than spending the afternoon in a dry and dark movie theater. It’s a perfect place for a date because it gives you a chance to get cuddly if you see the right movie.

  2. Take an Amazon Voyage. We’re put this on our list of 5 rainy day dates in Denver because while you get to experience all the thrills of a jungle, it’s all virtual so you don’t have to worry about getting wet. You’ll find this interactive tour at the Denver museum of nature and science. Best of all, it’s free.

  3. See a Show. The historical Paramount Theatre is the perfect place for a rainy day date in Denver. Ballet, comedy, music and plays are all found on the calendar throughout the year so there is usually something for everyone.

  4. Visit a Museum. There are multiple museums to visit in Denver, and most are indoors so you can easily incorporate this activity into a fun rainy day date. The Molly Brown house museum, the Colorado Railroad museum and the Botanic Gardens are all good choices.

  5. Set up a Massage. Have a quiet evening at home with a homemade meal and a sensuous massage kit that you can use on each other. While this might not be your best bet for a first date, it’s a great idea for those who know each other a little better.

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