5 Rainy Day Date Ideas With No Money

You should keep these 5 rainy day date ideas in the back of your mind, because you never know when you will need them. A lot of people think that in order for a date to be fun it has to cost money. This simple isn't true, because there are a lot of great rainy day date ideas that don't cost anything. Even if you don't have any money, your date will sure to be impressed when you take her on one of these rainy day dates.

  1. Indoor Picnic. Women love picnics and your date will feel special that you are taking her on a picnic even when it is raining outside. All you need to do is spread out a blanket on the floor and fill a picnic basket full of good food from your kitchen. Some simple sandwiches and cheese are great foods to enjoy on an indoor picnic. If you have a bottle of champagne or sparkling cider you can make this rainy day date idea even more special by packing one of them in your picnic basket.
  2. Giver Her a Massage. Your date will be thrilled with this rainy day date idea with no money. The truth is women love to be pampered by getting a massage. If you have scented lotions or oils these are great to use when your giving your date a massage. If you don't have anything scented, any body lotions or message will do the trick. As an added benefit this will give you an excuse to get your hands all over your date.
  3. Cook Dinner. Any woman would love to have a man cook her dinner. You don't need to cook something fancy to impress you date with this rainy day date idea. Just cook something that you know how to cook and that you already have the ingredients to make. Candles are essential for setting a romantic mood, so if you don't have get some off of a friend.
  4. Dancing in the Living Room. Move all your living room furniture against the walls and turn your living room into a dance floor. Pick out the CDs with the songs you want to dance to ahead of time. To really spice up this rainy day date idea with no money, wear your best suit or favorite dancing outfit.
  5. Watch a Movie. This rainy day date idea without money won't cost you a penny unlike going to the movie theatre. Find out what kind of movies your date likes to watch and pick one from your DVD collection. If you don't have any DVDs most libraries let you borrow them for free. If you have popcorn make some and put it in a bowl to share with your date just like you would at the movie theatre.
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