5 Rarest Antique Mens Watches

Many have tried to imitate the 5 rarest antique men's watches, but few have succeeded. Rare watches have made quite a buzz in the collectors’ world because of its magnificent designs as well as its functions. In some cases, the brand and the jewels are what the collectors are looking for. For others, the piece of history that is gathered from the watches is a great factor for seeking them. Here are some of the most popular but rare finds in the men’s antique watches world and some of its eloquent makers.

  1. Huge Elgin 18K Solid Gold. This is also an antique pocket watch this time with 11 Jewels. At size 18, this piece is about 126 years old since it is circa 1884. The movement is Mechanical Wind Gilt. It would even come with an 18K Solid Green Gold Hunter. In turn the dial is white porcelain also with Roman numerals. August 1864 marked the start of the company with the help of various investors and watchmakers in Elgin, Illinois.
  2. E. Howard Series VII. Another E. Howard watch this time with circa 1890. It also comes with 14K Solid Gold at size 18. Fifteen glittering jewels are included in this. This also has a gilt mechanical wind coupled with a nickel micro regulator as well as a main spring barrel. The company initially formed by Edward Howard and Charles Rice in 1858 has become quite a sensation. Actually, it has become the major producer of luxury watches starting from 1858 well into the 1890's.
  3. Patek Phillipe’s Supercomplication. This is one of the rarest antique men’s watches. It has a circa 1933. This was actually for Henry Graves Jr., but then it was recently auctioned off at 11 million dollars. It has two faces and 24 complications. This is a yellow gold pocket watch that is quite rare to find today. Truly, the company of Polish Antoni Patek and watchmaker Franciszek Czapek has come to live more than a legacy when Adrien Philippe joined forces with them.
  4. Breguet pocket watch 1907BA/12. This one has a two way rotating crown. Foiling gravity is perhaps one of the most highlighted features for this pocket watch. As a matter of fact, it is a manual wound tourbillion which has 18 K yellow gold. It has actually become so much from its roots from Paris by Abraham-Louis Breguet in 1775. Queen Marie-Antoinette and Napoleon Bonaparte are among their distinguished patrons. However, currently the company is part of Swatch.
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