5 Rarest Vintage Surfboards

The 5 rarest vintage surfboards boast a history of some of the best craftsmanship ever seen. A good vintage surfboard can be quite valuable as most surf enthusiasts look for the rarest of the bunch. Most coming from the 40’s and 50’s, these surfboards are the most original of their kind and made from the highest quality materials. If you find any of these at an auction be sure to snap them up, you’ll be happy you did.

  1. Wardy Surfboard. Coming from the 1960’s and made from balsa stringer, this board is a beauty and part of surfing history, certainly on of the rarest vintage surfboards around.
  2. IKE Surfboard. From the 1950’s this is one of the rarest vintage surfboards you can find. Made from balsa wood and featuring the craftsmanship of premier 1950’s board maker, John Eichert, this board is a part of history.
  3. Bob Carbonell Long board Surfboard. From the swinging 60’s this longboard is for you if you’re a rare vintage surfboard collector. It’s from a very rare line of boards made by Bob Carbonell and is even stamped with the numbers right on the boards.
  4. Moose Surfboard Long board Vintage Classic. Though you’ll never find one of these boards unused, they are built strong and are typically in very good shape. Made of clear fiberglass and a great example of a rare vintage surfboard.
  5. Tom Blake Mitchell Hawaiian Surfboard. The oldest of the rarest vintage surfboards on this list, Tom Blake’s board is from the 30’s to 40’s. The age and the number of boards made make this one of the rarest. If you find it, get it.



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