5 RCA TV Repair Tips

The 5 RCA TV repair tips address fairly common problems that can be fixed at home. Sometimes it is as simple as unplugging the television or checking with the cable company to see if there is a problem. Rather than spend money calling for a repair man, try fixing the RCA TV problems on your own.

  1. The buttons on the front panel of my TV do not work. One RCA TV repair tip to fix this problem would be to unplug the TV for five minutes and then plug it back in and try turning it on again. If that does not solve the problem than another RCA TV repair tip would be to try using the remote control to unlock the front panel controls. Select the front panel block in the parental controls menu and choose unblock or view.
  2. My television is on and working but there is no color in the picture or the color seems off. Some RCA TV repair tips to fix this problem would be to first make sure that the program is supposed to be in color. Try changing channels to make sure that all the stations show no color. If that does not work than try adjusting the antenna. Weak signals can cause loss of color in the picture. The next RCA TV repair tip would be to adjust the picture quality setting.
  3. My TV is on and has sound, but the picture quality is poor, discolored, fuzzy or snowy. RCA TV repair tips that can help solve this problem are to first make sure that the TV station, cable or DIRECTV Programming is not having any problems. Next make sure the antenna is working properly and that there are no broken wires. If the TV is still having problems than try adjusting the picture quality by pressing menu on the remote control then select picture quality menu and try adjusting color.
  4. My HDTV unit is making a low buzzing sound. An RCA TV repair tip for this situation is quite easy. When the television is first plugged a low buzzing sound will be heard. As the unit warms up the buzz will increase in amplitude which is normal for plasma units. An increase in either temperature or elevation will result in this type of buzz noise.
  5. My HDTV monitor-receiver turns off by itself. One RCA TV repair tip to solve this problem is to wait 30 seconds and then try to turn the TV on again. It is possible that a power surge activated the electronic protection circuit. If the voltage in the house is to high or to low it is common to have this problem and it would be best to consult an electrician.
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