5 RCA TV Repair Troubleshooting Tips

Looking for 5 RCA TV repair troubleshooting tips? Before you place that call with a television repair person, give one of the below tips a try. A lot of the problems with RCA TVs are very basic in nature, and can be resolved within minutes.

  1. Front Panel Buttons. If the front panel buttons of your RCA TV are not working, give these tips a try. If your television and remote are equipped with the front panel block, press the corresponding button on your remote to see if that fixes your problem. You can also try to reset your RCA TV by unplugging it for five minutes.
  2. No Color. If there is no color in the picture on your RCA TV, press the Menu button on your RCA remote and use the arrows to locate the Picture Quality menu. In this menu, you will see options for various settings, such as brightness, color, and sharpness. To access these various settings, press the Menu button and use the Up and Down channel buttons to select one of the settings. You can adjust the settings by using the volume keys.
  3. Power Issues. If your RCA TV is turning itself off, it is possible that there was a power surge that you did not know about. Unplug your RCA TV for five minutes and then plug it back in. You may want to consider investing in a surge protector power strip. If this problems occurs often, you should consult with an electrician.
  4. Remote Won't Work. If your RCA TV remote will not work, first replace the batteries with a new set. If you are using rechargeable batteries, it usually takes six hours to fully charge the batteries. If replacing the batteries does not solve the issues you are having with your RCA TV remote, press the TV/DVD button, which is located at the top of the remote, to make sure you are in the proper mode.
  5. Missing Channels. If you are not receiving channels on your RCA TV that you are supposed to, first check the parental settings. To do this, press the Menu key and scroll to the Parental Controls to see if you have enabled channel block. You may also need to reprogram your RCA TV. This can be done by going to Menu, then Channel, then Auto Channel Search.

Tips and Warnings

  • Every RCA TV is different, so some of the tips above may or may not apply to your specific model. Refer to your RCA TV owners manual for further information.



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