5 Real Estate Investment Clubs In Los Angeles

Learn all about the 5 Real Estate Investment Clubs in Los Angeles and how these clubs can make you money, both efficiently and quickly. The ideal of investment clubs is to pool a large amount of money and buy several properties and manage them internally. The money is made off of the rental income and most investment clubs will choose to hang on to the rentals opposed to selling them. Here is a list of the top 5 Real Estate Investment Clubs in Los Angeles:

  1.  Real Estate Investor's Club of Los Angeles – LAREIC. President and Owner of Real Estate Investor's Club is Phyllis Rockower, a 20 year veteran real estate investor. Phyllis has been on many television shows with her informative interviews. The investor club has an adorable mascot and all around "watchdog" whose name is Kiwi. He is both loved and adored by all and is great for keeping door to door salesmen away. The real estate investment club is located at 1601 N. Sepulveda Boulevard, #214, Manhattan Beach, California 90266, (310)792-6404.
  2. Prosper Real Estate Investors Association.  The goal of  Prosper Real Estate Investors Association is to help members gain practical knowledge through knowledge, investing and networking.  Prosper Real Estate Investment Association is run by both Debbie Smith and Jason Jones. Both Debbie and Jason have both been recognized for their achievements on several top investor magazines and publications. Contact information for the investors association is 7095 Hollywood Blvd. #478, Los, Angeles, California 90028,  (702) 505-9953.
  3. Naked Real Estate Investor Club. Rosie Nieto, President and Founder believes that through education anyone can learn how to invest and be successful.   In addition to their monthly meetings, the club offers other services to national members, such as: pod casts, teleseminars, web classes and virtual meetings. The address for Naked Real Estate Investor Club is 1601 W. Washington Blvd., Culver City, California 90323, (818) 581-2112 or (310) 280-9418.
  4. The Cal State Companies Multifamily Research and Investment. With over 900 members, this real estate investment club has a proven track record of success.  Eugene E. Volluci is the Founder and comes with over 35 years of experience in investing, taxation and teaching. Eugene E. Volluci has sold and managing over 10,000 apartments and that will make the new investor smile with envy. Eugene E. Volluci is teaching webinars on "Making Money in Rental Properties."  The Cal State Company can be reached at (800) 955-3135.
  5. The Real Estate Investor Network.  Larry Loik, Founder and President has moved this real estate investment business group into the technology age. His company proudly boasts that he will be able to offer in the near future: pod casts, video broad casting, message boards, WEBEX telseminars and telesiminars. The Real Estate Investors Network has been promoted and recognized on many top television shows with renowned investors applauding. The main goal of this real estate investment club is to teach people how to invest smart. The address to reach Larry Loik and his team is at 4333 Park Terrace Drive, Suite 210, Westlake Village, California 91361, (818) 889-6006.


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