5 Realistic Paintball Guns

What are five realistic paintball guns? The latest thing in paintball guns is making paintball guns which closely mimic real guns in looks and function. There is a growing faction of shooters who enjoy shooting paintball guns which look like real weapons for fun. There is also a quick growing market for using realistic paintball guns in the training for real firearms. It is very easy to see the advantages. Learning combat and other firearms training is much safer using arms which shoot paintballs rather than bullets. This article will not concentrate upon either long arms or handguns, but will give a small representation of both.

Five realistic paintball guns are:

  1. Umarex RAM Combat  $268 – This is a realistic copy of one of the most popular handguns, the Glock. It can shoot .43 caliber paint balls up to 70 feet. It has an eight round capacity, an accessory rail for lights and lasers and fits normal Glock holsters. It is powered by one twelve gram CO2 cartridge. This is a realistic trainer at an affordable price.  
  2. Umarex RAM 68-18 Shotgun $404 – A realistic copy of the modern combat/tactical shotgun. The shotgun is used by police departments, militaries, and perhaps more homeowners than any other single type longarm. This copy shoots ten large .68 caliber paintballs, has a realistic adjustable tactical stock, flip up sights with protective wings, high visibility front sight, reliable pump action, and Weaver accessory rail for realistic practice. It is powered by two twelve gram CO2 cartridges.
  3. Engler Custom AK A5 $499 – This one is for the do-it-yourselfer, a kit which uses real AK47 parts and your Tippmann A5 to make the most realistic feeling paintball gun you can get. This one is a great trainer for anyone who might face the AK, owns one, or simply wants to experience the feel of one of the most prevalent firearms in military history.  
  4. RAP4 T68 M1919 Browning Machine Gun $2495 – Ok, maybe this one is not so much for realistic training purposes as it is for simple fun or for reenactors but this copy of the Browning M1919 machine gun is FUN with all capitals. It is true to scale, made out of metal and is nearly the correct weight giving the normal person the one chance in a lifetime to shoot a legendary machine gun. It can shoot 400+ .68 caliber paint balls per minute. Now that is how to protect that flag.
  5.  RAP4 T68 Military $549 – This one was saved for last because it is familiar to anyone who has served in the military or police since the Vietnam war. This is an accurate copy of the military M4 service rifle. It comes complete with all the familiar accessories, adjustable iron sights, removable top handle and Weaver rail; this one will do practically anything the original will. This one is built for combat practice and for practical police and military applications. It can accurately shoot a variety of less than lethal .68 caliber rounds in addition to paint balls up to 350 FPS at ranges out to 150 feet with plenty of kinetic impact left to be useful. This one is practical as well as fun.  

Those are five realistic paintball guns. They are all very good examples of the latest craze in the paintball industry. Each is useful for fun and for realistic combat training and practice. Some can even crossover from the fun and practice arena to the very real arena of personal protection when used with less than lethal rounds for military and police applications. Have fun.

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