5 Rear Entry Intercourse Tips

If you’re planning on giving it a go, it can be very helpful to look at these 5 rear entry intercourse tips before the action begins. Rear entry intercourse, as you probably already know, has gained a kind of stigma in Western culture. It is often seen as a dirty, unsafe, and painful way to have sex. However, many open-minded couples find rear entry intercourse to be mutually pleasurable and quite fun when performed right. Of course, doing it right requires that you gain a bit of knowledge before going into it blindly.

  1. Before giving rear entry intercourse a try, always talk to your partner. Nothing will ruin the moment more or make them madder than trying to attempting it without asking. It will be a shock for the both of you, and is certainly not recommended. If your partner seems at all hesitant about it, then it may be best to push off the idea until they are more receptive. After all, sex of any kind is no fun when only one of you are aroused.
  2. Take some steps to ensure that rear entry intercourse is comfortable. Because the anal cavity does not produce any fluid for lubrication naturally, you’ll probably need to enlist the help of some a few accessories before you start. Medical professionals recommend non-toxic, water based lubricant. Use a generous amount to begin with, and reapply as necessary throughout.
  3. Talk to each other when attempting rear entry intercourse for the first time. Any type of sex is best when you and your partner are communicating throughout—this is especially true of the rear entry form. To start off, go very, very slowly. Have your partner speak up immediately if there is even an uncomfortable twinge. As things unfold, let your partner dictate the speed and depth. Talking and taking it slow will relieve any potential stress brought on by the prospect of rear entry sex.
  4. Use the correct type of condom. Since the rear cavity is naturally a home to bacteria, condoms should always be used during rear entry intercourse. But it’s not quite as simple as swiping the first brand you see off the store shelves. Condoms that are ribbed, have spermicidal lubricant, or are flavored can be very irritating for the person on the receiving end. Find a plain type of condom and use it in combination with the aforementioned water-based lubricant.
  5. Don’t take things too seriously. For a lot of couples, rear entry intercourse just doesn’t work the first time around. It may be too uncomfortable or too awkward to perform. If things aren’t working, whatever you do, don’t get discouraged or frustrated. Just laugh it off together and decide if you want to give it a go again sometime in the future.  
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